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Online meetings made easy

High flexibility, high planning reliability

When you plan your event with Linkando, you are prepared for all eventualities. Whether weather, traffic or viruses: you can easily switch to hybrid or purely digital when the conditions require it. 

Which event are you responsible for?

All these assemblies have one thing in common: they follow a formal procedure, an agenda and a specific objective - they are formal meetings. With Linkando, you can conduct them digitally supported, legally and statute compliant, as well as secure and confidential.

  • General meetings
  • Annual General Meetings

    Getting all the negotiating parties around the table in a timely manner is not always easy, even in exceptional situations. The possibility to coordinate online can accelerate processes and the spatial separation can also have a de-escalating effect. In addition, confidential breakout rooms are important areas of retreat during the negotiations. assembly

  • Committee and council meetings
  • Staff meetings

    Give all your employees a voice by connecting them online. Enable word contributions - controlled and moderated.

  • General Meetings
  • Shareholders' meetings

    Participant management, guided agenda, requests to speak, legally compliant elections - with Linkando, processes are automated and everything is available within one platform. With a comprehensive audit-proof protocol, you fulfill your documentation obligations.

In prezenz, hybrid or rather completely digital?


How nice to be able to meet on site again. But it's even nicer when you can transfer the efficiency of an online assemblies to the world of face-to-face events. We show you how you can also react flexibly to changing conditions. 


How do I create the connection among on-site and online participants? What happens with the votes cast? Can all participants exchange information with each other? With Linkando, you ensure that online participants are not second-class participants at your hybrid event.


They have become an indispensable part of everyday working life and are a good alternative to countless face-to-face meetings, which are often time-consuming. Find out more about how you can transfer formal aspects to the virtual world in compliance with the law and GDPR.

With Linkando you don't have to choose!

You use our solution and, depending on the type of meeting, you activate the appropriate functions - even at the last minute if necessary! This way you keep your appointments, meet deadlines, minimize or avoid downtime costs and remain capable of acting at all times.

Simply switch:

Everything inside for your assembly

Online Hybrid Presence

Invitation management

Participants receive personal invitations to the digital assembly with an individual link. In this way, you ensure that only authorized persons participate in your assembly . If you have stored the corresponding voting rights, you are also well prepared for a switch to hybrid or digital at short notice. 

Online Hybrid Presence

Check-in with QR code

Participants report to the check-in desk at assembly. If they are on the guest list, they will be shown a QR code that is stored for them in the system with their contact details and voting rights. They scan this with their smartphone or tablet and follow the link that opens.

Online Hybrid Presence

Video transmission

Broadcast your presentation live and in color. Anyone who wants to contribute sits on the speaking list. For the duration of the speech, the participant is then part of the video transmission. If video conferencing systems such as Zoom are already in use, we will be happy to integrate them for our customers.  

Online Hybrid Presence

Digital agenda

Manage your agenda digitally and create an important structure for your assembly. You can react to changes in real time and can add live agenda items such as amendments or (run-off) elections. These then also automatically become part of the minutes.

Online Hybrid Presence

Speaker list

If you would like to contribute, please raise your hand - this is also the case in the online assembly. By clicking on the "report now" button, the participant is added to the list of speakers and can be called up virtually by the moderator and displayed with picture and sound. Optionally, questions or concerns can also be communicated via the chat.

Online Hybrid Presence

Simultaneous translations

Whether with foreign language interpreters or with sign language interpreters - additional voice and video channels are available for translations, which can be permanently faded in.

Online Hybrid Presence

Extensive voting and election options

Conduct elections and voting - either already included in the agenda or ad hoc during the meeting. Proxy rules, vote bundling, exclusion and even the recording of postal votes etc. are covered by our SaaS solution. Save valuable time even during face-to-face meetings. The results are then promptly at your fingertips.

Online Hybrid Presence

Reporting & Compliance

Ensure that your digital assembly runs in compliance with the articles of association and the law. From the early invitation of members to the detailed final minutes after the assembly.