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About us

Meeting Experience


Since the pandemic, our clients have proven our meeting expertise in thousands of Formal Online Meetings. In the process, we've learned that a world-class meeting experience makes all the difference, far beyond the success of the meetings themselves.

Meetings account for up to 60% of working time. But while those responsible in companies are increasingly thinking about digital business processes, meetings are not being sufficiently professionalized. Even standard video conferencing hardware and software do not necessarily make meetings more efficient.

Meetings are one of the most important business processes in a company and one of the most expensive. Over 30 billion euros could be saved through an optimized meeting experience. And what's more, it's not just about potential savings. Meetings can be a growth engine!

At Linkando, we want to help our customers discover and exploit the growth potential that lies dormant in meetings. Because the forgotten formula for success is: "Business = Meetings + X". The key to success is a first-class meeting experience to achieve the desired results in meetings with customers, employees and partners.

During the pandemic, Linkando became the pioneer for a holistic product approach to online meeting and digital assemblies. Now companies, associations and municipalities use our Meeting Experience Boosters for a wide range of meetings, internal and external.

Linkando users save time and money, create a first-class meeting culture and accelerate their business. This makes them robust in the current crises and future-proof for the time after. Your meetings make the difference.


The forgotten formula for success:

Business = Meeting + X

In times of digitalization and remote work, one thing is often forgotten... business is done between people... in meetings!




Online meetings make an enormous contribution to CO2 savings!

Work-life balance

Digital participation enables a better work-life balance;
We can all save valuable life time by attending important meetings or assemblies flexibly from the location of our choice.