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The current situation at the gas station affects not only private individuals who depend on their cars but especially companies and organizations that have to cover the travel costs of their employees and members to important formal events, meetings, meetings or assemblies . This is because rising travel costs drive up the overall cost of events. The more participants travel to the face-to-face event, the higher the total cost of the event becomes. According to the Federal Minister of Economics, Habeck, fuel prices of around €3 per liter are even conceivable at present.

Does this development concern you?

Are you currently planning a assembly and worried that the overall cost will skyrocket?

Cost calculator

Number of participants with car
Mean journey distance in km
Average consumption per 100km in liters
Average fuel price per liter in €
Other expenses per person in €
Total cost fuel
Example costs for Linkando Software
(running time 12 months plus VAT)

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