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Precedence events

Enhance your on-site event with digital elements

On-site events are great for everyone involved. But there is also often room for optimization in terms of process and efficiency, which can be quickly achieved with digital support.

Invite by e-mail

Avoid unnecessary paperwork and invite your participants by e-mail. If you then also store the corresponding voting rights, you are also ideally prepared for a switch to hybrid or digital at short notice.

Online elections

Elections can be real time-consumers. By the time everyone has cast their ballot and the votes have been counted, quite a lot of time can pass. Simply conduct your elections online via app. That way, everyone can cast their vote using their mobile device. The results are then promptly at your fingertips.

Digital agenda 

Manage your agenda digitally and respond to changes in real time. Add live agenda items such as amendments or elections. These then also automatically become part of the minutes. 

Digital protocol

Simply send your audit-proof logs by e-mail or make the documents available for download on the platform. This way, you ensure that every participant has access to their documents.