Online meetings make an enormous contribution to CO2 savings

Think sustainably and conduct your meetings online or hybrid and thus make your contribution to climate protection!

According to the VCD, business trips cause around 12 million tons of greenhouse gas to be released every year. Every business trip that is eliminated by an online meeting or assembly ensures that carbon dioxide emissions are reduced. Linkando stands for sustainability and is proud that every digital general meeting, every meeting and every business meeting conducted with Linkando ensures that the carbon footprint does not increase. 

Digitization is an important step towards living sustainably and working in a more environmentally friendly way in the future. With its software-as-a-service solution, Linkando is helping to digitize meetings and make them more sustainable in the long term by eliminating travel. With its features, the solution paves the way so that all forms of meetings can no longer be held only in person.

The future of meetings is DIGITAL!

Do you also think sustainably and digitally?

Then why not plan your next meeting with Linkando and benefit from:

  • A comprehensive participant and voting rights management
  • Video broadcast with interactive digital agenda
  • Legally compliant digital elections and voting
  • Automatic logging of all important decisions
  • Data storage in Germany and GDPR compliance

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