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Safe and efficient meetings

Meeting Experience Booster for your success


Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Webex meetings are now critical to your business processes, but are not yet treated as such. With our Meeting Experience Boosters you will change this.

Safe and efficient meetings

Our solution for successful meetings consists of three parts: With the Meeting Playbooks you perfectly prepare regular business processes, with the In-Meeting App you use these templates interactively, directly in the online meeting and with the Meeting Central Portal you have full access to all processes, data and documents that belong to it at any time.



Never again a meeting without a plan or outcome, no matter who is leading the meeting.

  • Provide meeting templates with invitation, agenda, decisions and content.
  • Schedule meeting sequences for recurring internal and external use cases.
  • Deposit scheduling, instructions, expert tips and expertise.
  • Provide templates for protocols and follow-up messages.
  • Create your own playbook calatog for the entire organization.
  • Use ready-made playbook templates from experts.
  • Can also be used to plan hybrid meetings or events.



Amaze with top-notch, interactive conversational skills and be sure to achieve the desired result.

  • An interactive app right in an online meeting. Available for Zoom and Microsoft Teams.
  • Control meetings ad-hoc or schedule them in advance with calendar integration.
  • Interactive agenda for meeting control, live customizable during the meeting
  • Digital decisions such as approvals, option selections, participant feedback, elections, or formal votes
  • Interactive notes during the meeting
  • Automatic logging of the entire meeting history
  • Can also be used on a cell phone via QR codes during a hybrid meeting
  • Integrates with Cisco Webex, Google Meet, GoTo Meeting and any other meeting tool
  • Integrates with Metaverse solutions such as Rooom or MootUp
  • Can also be integrated with any other product via our Restful API: CRM, HR solution, Helpdesk, PRM, etc.



The one-stop shop for anyone who needs access to meeting data and results.

  • The central portal for all playbooks, meetings and their data and documents
  • Central user and rights management, invitation management incl. QR codes for presence participants
  • Management of groups for regular meetings or individual events
  • Customizable design with own colors and logos
  • including browser-based online meeting solution based on Vonage's WebRTC technology.
  • Special meeting mode for large assemblies like general or members meetings
  • Management of voting and representation rights
  • Deposit of complex election and voting formats that comply with the Articles of Association
  • Pre-voting function for votes in the run-up to a meeting
  • Single sign-on with identity providers such as Google, Microsoft or LinkedIn.
  • Optional 2FA based on the in-browser InWebo technology

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Note: As soon as you book an appointment with us here, our meeting playbook for website requests is automatically assigned to the Zoom meeting. We would be happy to show you an example of our integration with meetergo in the appointment. You can find more information about meetergo here: https://my.meetergo.com

Legally compliant

Help your users meet their legal requirements.


Made in Germany

Linkando is a software provider from Landau in the Palatinate. Our servers are located in Germany and are managed according to ISO 27001.


Our products meet the requirements of GDPR. Encrypted communication is a matter of course for us.


Online meetings make an enormous contribution to CO2 savings!

Work-life balance

Digital participation enables a better work-life balance;
We can all save valuable life time by attending important meetings or assemblies flexibly from the location of our choice.