Digital assemblies

Meet online when you can't meet in person

Sometimes you just can't do it in person - be it due to external conditions or because you simply want to save time and money or keep your carbon footprint lean. But in order to cut a good figure digitally, you should rely on an easy-to-use solution that has the most important parts such as video, elections or logging natively integrated. 

The new freedom - advantages of digital meetings

Digitalization has made them possible, Corna has made them necessary: virtual meetings and assemblies. These are now part of our everyday work. Although online meetings cannot completely replace personal contact, they do offer many advantages:


One is independent of place and time


Via video transmission you see and hear each other as if you were sitting in the same room


Participation is also made possible for groups of people who in the past were not able to be there due to distance.


Online meetings usually start more punctually than face-to-face meetings


Elections and votes are documented more quickly and, above all, directly in accordance with the law

All in - the Linkando functions for your digital assembly

Video transmission

Broadcast your presentation live and in color. Anyone who wants to make a contribution is placed on the speaking list. For the duration of the speech, the participant is then part of the video transmission.

Extensive voting and election options

Conduct elections and voting - either already included in the agenda or ad hoc during assembly. Proxy rules, vote bundling, exclusion and even the recording of postal votes etc. are covered by our SaaS solution.

Reporting & Compliance

Ensure that your digital general meeting runs in compliance with the articles of association and the law. From the early invitation of members to the detailed final minutes after the assembly.  

Invitation management

Participants receive personal invitations to the digital assembly with an individual link. This ensures that only authorized persons participate in your assembly .

Real-time agenda

Set the agenda in the system and create an important structure for your assembly. Keep the focus on the right topics and update the agenda on the fly as needed, for example, to include motions or runoff votes.

Speaker list

If you would like to contribute, please raise your hand - this is also the case in the online meeting. By clicking on the "report" button, the participant becomes part of the speaker list and can then be called up. Optionally, communication can also take place via chat.

Simultaneous translations

Whether with foreign language or sign language interpreters - additional voice and video channels are available for translations, which are permanently displayed.

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