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Sales playbooks have been around for a long time; Linkando now brings them to the world of online meetings. Because especially in IT and software sales, leads are too valuable to be sacrificed to an inefficient funnel.

Landau, November 24, 2022 - Meeting playbooks can be thought of as a script for a sales organization. They provide companies with a guide for preparing, conducting and following up on online meetings. At their core, they are about increasing sales success.

"Virtual sales meetings pose challenges for many companies," explains Volker Wiora, founder and CEO of Linkando, a software provider based in Landau, Germany. "With Meeting Playbooks, sales professionals can access our years of experience in digital IT and software sales."

Common challenges in online software sales include multitasking due to the use of different tools, a lack of standardization, and inefficient preparation and conversation management during online meetings. All of this results in low sales and a low cost-income ratio in many sales organizations.

Linkando's meeting playbooks provide proven solutions: Companies receive scripts and interactive agenda templates for virtual meetings, closing questions specifically for software sales, onboarding guidelines for new employees, and feedback tools for customers. Software and IT companies can use these templates and tools to increase sales efficiency and create consistent sales standards across the organization.

"In the software industry, a lead usually costs between 200 and 300 euros," says Volker Wiora. "However, a large proportion of these leads are lost due to inefficient call management in the sales funnel. Meeting Playbooks and the In-Meeting App can realize this optimization potential through organized and structured sales conversations and sales processes, interactively directly during appointments."

Especially in B2B business, the trend is clearly moving toward online sales. Virtual sales calls have become standard since the start of the Corona pandemic and companies need to invest more in their digital competitiveness.

"It's no longer enough to start a video chat in a tool like Zoom and simply present the standard pitch," says Volker Wiora. "Companies have gained their experience with digital tools and have become smarter. If you want to keep up with the competition, you have to combine modern sales tools with efficient sales strategies. Our meeting playbooks are the key to guaranteed sales success." 

About Linkando

Linkando is a meeting management software provider from Germany. As

Remote-first company, Linkando uses its own solution every day itself to make meetings more efficient. Linkando's software enables companies and other organizations to hold efficient and secure meetings by using specialized process and data analysis tools that save time and money and improve meeting execution in the long term. Unlike other solutions, Linkando integrates with popular video conferencing systems such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Linkando is available worldwide as a cloud-based software-as-a-service product.