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Online meetings are more environmentally friendly than face-to-face meetings; but they are not completely CO2 neutral. By supporting your meetings with the right FOM tool, you can further improve your carbon footprint.

Face-to-face events not only generate costs for the organizers and participants, but also for the environment. For example, when a major corporation invites shareholders to its annual general meeting, thousands of shareholders from all over the world often make the pilgrimage to the meeting venue. But even smaller meetings, such as committee meetings or ordinary business trips, contribute significantly to global CO2 emissions.

Climate Sinner Presence Meeting

The German Transport Club (VCD) estimates that Germany could save up to three million tons of greenhouse gas per year if companies nationwide replaced business trips with video conferences. According to the VCD's calculations, business trips result in 12 million tons of greenhouse gas released each year. According to the Federal Environment Ministry, this corresponds to just under 1.5 percent of the greenhouse gases emitted in Germany each year.

The main reason for the miserable CO2 balance of attendance events is the journey to and from the event. Even a train ride from Stuttgart to Berlin causes 65 kilograms of CO2 - traveling by car or even by plane causes much more. Jens Clausen, one of the authors of the VCD study, says 700,000 cars could be made redundant by establishing digital meetings.

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