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Organizational measures such as Focus Fridays alleviate the symptoms of an inefficient meeting culture, but they do not eliminate the root causes. FOM software, on the other hand, gets to the root of the problem.

A contribution from the FOM Magazine

More and more companies are identifying inefficient meetings as a source of problems and a cost factor. Most recently, the Walldorf-based software company SAP introduced "Focus Friday," a meeting-free Friday. In doing so, SAP is the first DAX-listed company to follow a trend from the U.S., which aims to create a more efficient meeting culture.

Focus Fridays are an attempt to cope with the increasing meeting load in companies. According to a WHU survey, managers rated 67 percent of all meetings as failures. They do not pursue a clear objective and no next steps are taken afterwards.

Inefficient meetings not only cost employees their nerves, but also cost organizations a lot of money. For this reason, meetings should no longer be held on Focus Fridays, so that employees can concentrate on their operational work without interruption at least one day a week.

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