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Save valuable time by attending important assemblies, meetings or meetings flexibly online, from the location of your choice.

Who doesn't know them, the days on which one's own needs come far too short or one hardly sees the family because one drives to work in the morning and in the evening still has a meeting or a assembly to which one must travel directly after work? Or the assemblies, meetings and training courses for which you often sacrifice the whole weekend because you have to travel several hundred kilometers. There is hardly any time left to spend a relaxing afternoon or weekend with family and friends because you are constantly on the road for appointments. This is especially the case for people who are involved in organizations on a voluntary basis in addition to their jobs, or who are constantly on the road for work-related reasons.

The work-life balance often simply comes too short! With so many appointments and commitments, you hardly have time to meet your own needs. Linkando can support you in bringing your work-life balance back into balance.

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