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Safe and efficient meetings

Playbooks for HR Meetings

Every staff meeting is an investment. Maximize your success with our Meeting Experience Boosters.

Safe and efficient meetings

Use Linkando to attract top talent and increase employee satisfaction.

As a HR manager, you spend enormous sums of money to find top digital candidates. You invest in personnel development and employer branding campaigns. And what comes next? Do you already have a similarly high level of digitization for your personnel interviews?

Use Linkando for your HR meetings with candidates and employees and improve your recruiting performance:

  • Interviews with candidates

  • Personnel discussions with employees and managers

  • Onboarding meetings for new colleagues

  • De-escalation in critical situations

  • Regular review of employee satisfaction


Faster talent selection


Earlier identifiable staff turnover

Based on Linkando customer surveys

We turn HR meetings into growth drivers:

Accelerate your recruiting, achieve efficiency and compliance, save time and money.


Capture proven
best practices in HR Meeting Playbooks and use them as guides and templates for efficient online appointments with candidates and employees.


Never again have a staff meeting without a plan or outcome, no matter who is talking to the candidates or staff.

Your advantages:

  • Plan an agenda and optimal appointment sequence for each staffing process.

  • Provide templates for emails, content, and call logs.

  • Prepare guidance and recommended questions or answers for your recruiters and supervisors.

  • Add interactive decision-making and feedback options to meetings to achieve engaging dialogue with candidates and employees.

  • Define the expected outcome of the meetings and provide recommendations to respond to applicant or employee questions and concerns. 

Never again have a staff meeting without a plan or outcome, no matter who is talking to the candidates or staff.


Run HR meetings more efficiently with engaging, interactive features delivered right within your familiar meeting solutions.

Amaze your candidates with top-notch, interactive interviewing and position yourself as an innovative employer.

Your advantages:

  • Control the flow, questions and notes in prompter mode invisibly for your candidates. Or use the guest mode and share the app directly and transparently with all participants.

  • Have agreement to terms and confidentiality obligations logged directly on screen.

  • Take notes of conversations and engage the employee interactively.

  • Plan the follow-up meeting together and choose the appropriate template directly.

  • At the end, have the meeting success evaluated and send the meeting minutes automatically.

  • Tip: Can also be used on-site for hybrid calls via QR code.


Amaze your candidates with first-class, interactive interviewing and position yourself as an innovative employer.


Manage all meeting processes efficiently and traceably, of course in compliance with ArbG and EU-GDPR. Fully integrated with your existing business tools.

The one-stop shop for your team and anyone who needs access to call data and results.

Your advantages:

  • A central portal for your meeting playbooks.
  • Find past meetings, participants, and their minutes in a legal and privacy compliant manner.
  • Schedule teamwork appointments based on previous meetings.
  • Manage the meeting calendar, integrated with Microsoft Outlook or Google Suite.
  • Organize working groups and schedule regular appointments such as reviews.
  • Use the Analytics dashboard to understand and improve trends and usage.
  • Integrate meeting data and results with Microsoft 365, your HR solution, or other business apps.
The one-stop shop for your team and anyone who needs access to call data and results

Every HR meeting is an investment.

With Linkando you maximize your revenue.

"We have reduced interview costs by 20%. And: The suitable candidates appreciate our structured approach."
Human Resources Manager

  • Create consistency and set standards for your digital workforce management.
  • Make your success more predictable and reduce the risk of surprising meeting outcomes.
  • Identify supervisors who receive the best feedback and let their example be followed.
  • Provide recruiters with a meeting environment to ideally represent your company.
  • Improve candidate interaction and identify genuine interest in the advertised position faster.
  • Amaze your candidates with unique, professional online interviewing.  
  • Create a more engaging dialogue with applicants throughout the application process.
  • Save time and money by making conversations more efficient and avoiding unnecessary follow-up appointments with supervisors.

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